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Basic Pose

Let’s learn the very basic pose of Japanese Bone Stretch Beauty.

  1. Using one hand, let the thumb touch the little finger and make a ring.
  2. Using the other hand, push the hard bones of the wrist with the thumb and the little finger.

We use this basic pose to transform ourselves.

Warm-up with free exercises video!

Please try this method at a slow pace when you wake up in the morning before you get up from bed.

Now we are moving forward to the main part. We introduce you to some effective methods for morning and evening.

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【Face Slimming Exercise】

We have four different “Morning Stretching Exercise” to give you a quicker result. It is a short exercise so that you can try every morning before you leave your door.

We also have an “Evening Stretching Exercise” to enjoy a smaller and slimmer face for the next day and for resetting your body at the end of the day.