Madam Yoko (83), Kyoto

It all starts from accepting the fact of aging. I visioned myself how I want to get older. I told myself that I wanted to keep looking beautiful and did not want to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. When I realized these thoughts, I found Japanese Bone Stretch! Without doing any squatting exercises, I can stand strong with my bones. Also, my muscle and skin are in a good condition. With the exercise of stimulating sculpt, forehead, and sphenoid born, my saggy cheek got rose! My wish to stay remain to look beautiful lead me to this happy result. My grandchildren were very surprised to see the change. Compliments from others are a real reward!!!

Riho (30), Kangawa

With this easy Japanese Bone Stretch exercise, I noticed an immediate difference in my perleche and face-line, and it was made things easy to continue with the program. The key point of continuing this method was the convenience of the exercise. I can do it whenever I want as it does not require any tools, large space, or any sweaty, hard movements. I would like to continue with the routine of “at least one exercise a day”.

When I do bone stretching, I find that the body’s weakness causes ailments. I feel that the ultimate goal is to listen to my voice. The feeling of being “grounded and grounded” brings out the beauty that lies dormant within you. The Bone Stretch Beauty is based on this, and if you keep doing it with a smile, it will ease the stiffness in your face and make you look softer! The method make me switch for happiness is turned on.

I’ve been living in a mask for a long time due to the Corona disaster, and I’ve been neglecting my face. Of course, it’s not easy to go to a beauty salon. But with simple bone stretching, and my skin is taut. My complexion is perfect. I am not embarrassed when I take off my mask. People often ask me what kind of cosmetics I use. Bone stretch is an effortless beauty product.

Just stroking and a little stimulation can have a tremendous effect. Since I started doing the bone stretching, my skin feels better and is no longer flaky. As a bonus, I am often mistaken for a sister when I line up with my daughter.

When I do the bone stretching, my eyes become brighter, and my face line changes. That’s why I have a menu that I always do before putting on my makeup in the morning. It helps me breathe easier and relaxes my neck and shoulders, suitable for my facial expression.

Wearing masks became the norm, and I suddenly noticed that my cheeks were sagging, and the border between my chin and neck started to bother me. I began to see that my cheeks were hanging, and the boundary between my chin and neck was getting worse. If you learn it in your spare time, it will last you a lifetime. Thank you for meeting me!

By doing a few simple movements, I was impressed to feel the effect of a smaller face on the spot! It only takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere, so I can keep doing it without getting bored.