What is Japanese Bone Stretch Beauty?

Japanese Bone Stretch Beauty
is a method to make your life
flourish and allow yourself to be you.

Japanese Bone Stretch Beauty

The bones help muscle movement,
and stimulating the circulation of
lymph and blood within your body.
By working on the bones,
your face will look smaller & slimmer.
It will also reduce sagging, wrinkles,
and sunspots on your face.


Japanese Bone Stretch Beauty is a part of the method of Bone Stretch®️.

Bone Stretch ®️has been used among athletes to improve their technics and physical abilities.

One day, I realized that I was hearing similar comments from many female clients:

“My body feels light, and at the same time, my face looks different! Nothing worked before to change my body line, but now I can see the difference in my body lines.”

I thought I better investigate these results. When I compared my clients’ current looks with their old photos, there were certainly changes evident in the smaller and slimmer face, better posture, and improved leg lines.

By moving the muscle with a focus on the bone’s stimulation, the bone can associate to promote the better muscle pumping action, and the lymph and blood inside your body circulate more smoothly. Therefore, the circulation absorbs nutrients and discharge metabolic waste on the way.

The movement from the bone will lead to the whole-body exercise, then instant various changes will be created in your body!

Each of these changes is the moment of the transformation to beauty.

By stimulating bones, we can achieve a much reduction in face size and help reduce the sagging, wrinkles, and sunspots on your face without giving any stress to your skin.

Stimulating bones help activation of osteoblast (bone cells), which can lead to the prevention of osteoporosis. Exercises focusing on using the sternum (breastbone) can improve your immune system by encouraging the active growth of mitochondria in the T-cells within bones.

Japanese Bone Stretching Beauty is a tool to maintain your health and appearance. Maintaining your health and appearance are aspects of self-care and self-improvements, which will bring you a flourishing life and will allow you to be yourself.

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“We are happy to introduce our new method using Japanese washi paper, called “Washi-Bijin®️”

We use the highest quality Japanese traditional “washi” paper, which is made of the finest materials and carefully produced by highly qualified craftsmen.

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